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Action Photographer Bo Bridges Takes Chances of His Own

For anyone that looks to the sky when they hear a plane, they would have definitely wondered what the pilot was up to when it appeared as if they were flying sideways.  The summer after Bo Bridges graduated from Miami … Continue reading

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uShampooch. Good to Dogs. Good to the Environment.

One of the most lovable members of your family receives unadulterated enjoyment from running around wild and free along the beach.  It is a true expression of freedom and happiness.  It is such a display of living, the cognition of … Continue reading

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Meet the Founder of Magical Blooms, Jenny Barker

Everyday, we all wake with a tentative plan to grow our lives.  Society ekes into us what is right and what is wrong.  Jenny was following suit right after high school.  She was going to take the flower shop to … Continue reading

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From CSI to CSLA (City Sip LA), Nicole is Sharing What She Loves

Keeping up with the pace of Los Angeles is a talent in and of itself.  It is a city that views creativity as a birthright, is immensely vast, decidedly impractical and equally messy and marvelous all at once.  Becoming a … Continue reading

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Swining and Dining: A Night at Cochon 555

Crispy pigs ears, offally good pate, headcheese heroes, chile verde tacos, smoked pork belly and German chocolate bacon cake comprised Chef Ben Ford’s winning combination at last Sunday’s Cochon 555 event at the House of Blues. Ben Ford of Ford’s … Continue reading

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Maria Miranda Studio; True Humble Beginnings

Walking into Maria Miranda Studio along Redondo Beach will immediately set a sparkle in your eyes.  The genuine feeling of customer service and talent resonates throughout the studio.  Looking for your dress is no longer a chore, it is an … Continue reading

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Groundwork Coffee is Raising the Foundation of What it Means to be Organic & Sustainable

Listening to the definitions of what Groundwork Coffee calls organic and sustainable is absolutely beautiful.  They do not just ride their bikes to work and call up an organic coffee supplier so that they can put checkmarks on some sheet … Continue reading

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La Botte, A Restaurant In A Wine Barrel

When you walk down the steps and enter Stefano’s Italian restaurant, La Botte, in downtown Santa Monica, you feel like you have just walked into a wine barrel.  He created the touch, the feel, the smell, the sensation by decorating … Continue reading

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Pasadena’s Hidden Gem, The Arroyo Vista Inn

In 2006, Pat, the founder of the Arroyo Vista Inn, came to a crossroads in her life.  Fortunately, she followed her heart’s desires and ended a 20-plus year career at a law firm.  She then began meticulously searching for the … Continue reading

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Silverlake Wine, More Than Fine Wine

Looking into the history of wine in the United States immediately points to California.  Finding a decent bottle of wine in the great city of LA is easily accomplished, retail outlets are everywhere.  Breaking the mold and locating a unique … Continue reading

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