Meet the Founder of Magical Blooms, Jenny Barker

Everyday, we all wake with a tentative plan to grow our lives.  Society ekes into us what is right and what is wrong.  Jenny was following suit right after high school.  She was going to take the flower shop to the next level and earn a college degree in landscape architecture.  During the first year, Jenny’s boyfriend’s mom threw a bump into her road.  She suggested that Jenny should start her own flower shop right out of her garage.  At first, Jenny chuckled.  It was almost too good to be true because it was exactly what she wanted.  Fortunately Jenny launched that idea into reality.  At the beginning, it sounded perfect, but it was not.  Our culture fights back.  Who is the Jenny on the block starting her own business?  Beautiful, young blond girl doing great things and making her life her own.  Come on, that is not right!  But it is right.  It is exactly what everyone should be encouraged to do.  Hence, Magical Blooms is in its thirteenth year and has an amazing client list, all who are very happy: Desperate House Wives, Grey’s Anatomy, Samantha Who, Brothers and Sisters, Disney Entertainment and Golden Girls, to just name a few.

The system we live is at an interesting point right now.  The economy is struggling.  Universities are raising tuition at alarming rates.  Job seekers are told that they have to be perfect for consideration.  Businesses are fighting to stay alive.  And feeling the “sense of community” is stretched thin.  Born and raised in Redondo Beach, Jenny Barker, the founder of Magical Blooms, is actually giving back to the community.  This all started at the young age of 15 and a half.  Jenny got her first job working in a local flower shop.  It is here that she fell in love with the art of creating bouquets.  It was an expression of pure joy and happiness.  All she wanted to do is return the feeling by making the world a better place full of beautiful flowers.

If you have not already visited Magical Blooms (it is a popular flower shop), the first time that you burst through the doors you will find a more than unique opportunity where a bouquet of flowers is available to excite your life.  This is all within the philosophy that Jenny fostered based on true synergy between the flowers she offers and the individuals that they bring life too.  The philosophy begins with an at home feeling.  You are not at a flower shop, you are at a place that you could call home for yourself.  This feeling rolls over and avoids the typical, “What kind of flowers would you like?”  You have a personal conversation connecting the intention of the flowers with who they are for and/or where they will go along with the combination of strong fragrance and vibrant colors the flowers offer exploding into the world they are delivered to.

In addition to Jenny’s amazing floral career, she has also been working on several TV shows: For Better or For Worse, Merge, Live Like a Star, and most recently The Arrangement.  She will continue her pursuit to be on television and do everything in her power to land a show educating viewers on her art of arrangements.  That is not all.  This fall, she plans on studying her second year of Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica in the Masters Program.  Jenny caps it off with the responsibility of being a single mom.  Jack is the beautiful son that she loves immensely.  He has an incredible mom.  Thank you Jenny.  You are Leading LA.

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