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Lily & Her Pups

One of the most lovable members of your family receives unadulterated enjoyment from running around wild and free along the beach.  It is a true expression of freedom and happiness.  It is such a display of living, the cognition of what has to happen when they return home is absolutely unnoticed…by these lovable creatures.  They are furthest possible place away from worrying about how messy they are.  The parents though, are not quite so care free of the mess that they have to clean.

Eleven years ago, uShampooch had opened its doors to help ease bathing of your wild and free puppy.  No more careful transport across the living room to a small bathroom where you’re hunched over a tub trying to minimize a mess while cleaning up a mess.  uShampooch is mainly designed as a self-service dog wash.  This design carries over to the above the waist wash stations with a wide front opening and stairs for your dog to walk up.  All of the necessary dog shampoos and conditioners are included and there are specific locations to dry and style your best friend.  The best part is that you don’t have to clean up the washing station.  The friendly energetic staff at uShampooch takes care of the mess.  If you are short on time, uShampooch also has a full service professional grooming service.  That is not all either.  You will be adding to the value of stopping by because of the top of the line doggie store in house.  Collars, leashes, food, treats, and toys, to name a few, are all available for purchase.

Los Angeles is a vibrant, dynamic, specific, and demanding place.  Knowledge grows quickly and must be met immediately.  Lily, the new owner of uShampooch, came in with her fists a-blazing.  uShampooch was going to be transformed into the place that resets the bar to all new levels.  First, the entire venue is undergoing a major remodel and all of the equipment is being updated.   Next, Lily is extending the focus of all-natural products, which by the way they are throughly researched so they meet the altruistic definition of what it means to be all-natural, by including a specific catering to dogs that suffer from allergies and dietary restrictions.  This translates into a carefully selected array of ingredient-specific kibble, raw meats, treats and chews.  All of the food will have no preservatives, nothing will be treated with colors or antibiotics, and some of which will be considered human grade.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Most of the collars and leashes are made from materials like hemp and contain nothing toxic.  The all-natural soaps and shampoos will also have a selection that addresses sensitive skin and allergies that some of the dogs have and you still have the option to bring your own.

The vision that Lily has created is a dynamic, modern, beyond the aesthetics semi-luxurious environment for the owners and their canine counter-parts to hang out.  uShampooch is a gathering place that fosters bonding and community and pet owners are invited to hang out before and after the wash.  She will extend this community outreach with events like dog CPR, group training, microchipping, and meet-ups at the Redondo Beach Dog Park just across the way.  Weekend are always hopping and they often see between 50 and 70 dogs in one day.  In addition to while you are hanging out, there is cool music and free wifi to surf the internet.  Fantastic!

Lily is a passionate dog lover who is Leading LA.  Her basis for everything that she does is founded on a continual dedication that uShampooch is the place to go to for all of your non-veterinarian dogs’ needs.

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