Pampered Tot, New and Exciting Just Like the Babies They Serve

Greg, Audrey, & Kids

Transforming challenges into opportunities is exactly what Pampered Tot is all about.  Greg and his wife Audrey were preparing to welcome their first child.  Like all loving parents, they want nothing but the best for their kids.  That is why they are more than willing to travel to multiple locations and sift through the endless products and figure out where and what is nothing but the very best.  They spent hours researching, shopping, navigating, and stumbling to complete the purchases necessary to welcome their newborn.  Cognition of this challenge was easy, it was a huge chore.  Creating a brand new opportunity and shopping experience from this challenge that rids future shoppers of the pain that Greg and Audrey went through, now that is something to talk about.

Strollers that can plant a tree

After identifying the opportunity, Greg and Audrey opened their online store in 2006.  They gathered nothing but the very best inventory for their customers.  Their organization of the online shopping experience was done right.  They grew in a downward economy.  Pampered Tot was addressing what the customer needed.  After maturing for a few years, Greg and Audrey wanted to extend their presence into a brick & mortar version of their store.  But, they had to do something that made it more than a simple extension of the website.  And something different they did create.

Cribs & Toys

Everyone has heard of and knows the term hybrid; it is a mixture of two different elements.  Greg and Audrey have accomplished mixing the online store and physical location from multiple directions.  They have started with their brick & mortar location also being the distribution hub for their online store.  Everything that is available online will be in-stock at the store.  Next, many of us shop online before we go to a store to pick it up.  Locating the item in the store is sometimes not as easy as it is online.  Hence, they have a huge 42″ screen at the register that both the customers and team members can locate exactly what they are looking for.  Another one of the reasons many of us shop online is the home delivery.  This is because taking the kids to the store is not as easy as it sounds.  You know what I am talking about.  Getting in and out of the car and keeping the kids in safety is a big chore.  Therefore, Pampered Tot offers curbside pickup.  You stay in the car, the goods are delivered to you and the transaction is done on an iPod, just like the Apple store.  The receipt is even emailed to you.  That is not all either.  Everyone is used to not paying sales tax online.  Greg and Audrey pay the sales tax on all purchases in the store.  Keeps the local Los Angeles customers level with the online customers.  Fantastic!

If you can’t tell, Greg and Audrey have done a lot to support their customers.  They have created a beautiful marriage between the online store and the local store combined with an ultimate level of customer respect, they always come first.  But this is not all that they do.  When I first heard about this, I was shocked.  They give back to the community by planting a tree (thru carbon fund) for every single stroller sold both online and in the store.  Awesome!  But that is not all.  They go ten steps further and plant a tree for every shopping bag that is refused at checkout.  That is correct, one tree for every bag that is refused at checkout.  Last year they were responsible for 4000+ trees planted in our world.  Incredible!  Greg, Audrey and Pampered Tot, you are Leading LA, Thank You!

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