Maria Miranda Studio; True Humble Beginnings

Walking into Maria Miranda Studio along Redondo Beach will immediately set a sparkle in your eyes.  The genuine feeling of customer service and talent resonates throughout the studio.  Looking for your dress is no longer a chore, it is an experience!

Ten years ago, Maria opened her first shop with the least amount of financial risk possible; the smallest single unit available in a storage facility.  She did not know this, but the teeny tiny space was a blessing in disguise.  If she did not provide a good experience, the customers would definitely turn and leave immediately.  From this, she was able to add to her mastered art of helping others.  Now there is not a single crack in the service that Maria provides, she gives you her undivided attention.

During our conversation, Maria shared something with me that really struck a chord.  Often, the question of why she was at the storage unit would come up from her customers.  They were used to lower customer service from her competitors in much more accommodating locations.  What was going on?  Yes, Maria was at a challenging point in her life.  But her answer is how she exemplified who she is, “I am not going to share my misery.  The customers did not come to hear that.  They came here to look stunning.  And that is what I did for them!”

As the business matured, Maria went from the storage space to shared retail space and then finally into her own studio after about 5 years.   The quest for the current location along PCH took about four months.  Maria had specific characteristics that she was looking for; a skylight, wooden floors, close to the beach, and a place to park her car.  It had to be perfect, just like the feeling the customers have when the leave her studio.  Before the hunt was complete, Maria had moved out of the previous location.  This dedication to perfection put her in limbo.  She needed a place to work.  Instead of bringing the clients to her home, Maria picked a funny place to go, hotels.  I’m sure this had to be a spectacle.  A luggage cart full of wedding dresses coming and going and future brides trying them on in the bathroom.  But we know how Maria works.  She was able to mask the place where they were with her passion in what she does and the aura she created for her customers to enjoy.  It is beautifully done.  Unfortunately, she became so popular that the concierge finally had to ask her, “Excuse me, are you staying here?”  Uh oh, her time was up!  She needed to move on.

Things always seem to happen for a reason.  This push from the hotel guided her back to Craigslist.  After a few minutes, she found a place to check out.  Meeting the owner and walking through the studio gave her the feeling she was searching for.  The location was a dream come true.  She signed the lease that very same day and immediately moved in.  She is still there and things are going very well.  Maria Miranda Studio has just opened the second location in the Plaza El Segundo.  She was invited by plaza because of the positive and strong traffic flow she brings with her.  I am looking forward to the great things that are still to come.  Thank you Maria, you are Leading LA!

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