Pasadena’s Hidden Gem, The Arroyo Vista Inn

In 2006, Pat, the founder of the Arroyo Vista Inn, came to a crossroads in her life.  Fortunately, she followed her heart’s desires and ended a 20-plus year career at a law firm.  She then began meticulously searching for the perfect location that she would turn into a beautiful bed and breakfast.

Lester Moore, a famous architect who began his career in the late 1800s, was the man who designed and personally aided in the construction of the Craftsman style home where the Arroyo Vista Inn is today.  Since completion in 1910, the property had gone through several additions and alterations combined with heavy wear and tear before Pat took over.  Surprisingly, Pat had found the opportunity she was looking for with this combination.  Because of the contribution to the city of Los Angeles by Lester, a remodel that brought the home back to its original 1910 design would not only be invited, but would highlight the registered historical landmark status.  The dilapidated state of the property was also in her favor.  She wanted to open an inn that was revolutionary in the state of efficiency and this gave her the opportunity to restore it as such.

Starting with nothing but green methods in the actual restoration process, the inn was fitted with solar power, energy saving lamps, a GreenStay option, environmentally sensitive body care products, permeable paving in the parking lot that returns rain water and runoff to the water table and carpet made from recycled water bottles to just name a few.  On the property are several fruit trees, backbone of Pat’s notorious fresh squeezed orange juice, and a fully organic herb and vegetable gardening center contributing to a delicious farm to table breakfast every morning.  All of this leading commitment to the environment was recognized by the Arroyo Seco Foundation by awarding her business with “Greening the Arroyo”, in 2010.  She goes one step further by provoking thought.  The customers leave with an arranged packet of information highlighting the things that they can do in their own homes.

This character of how Pat feels about where we live extends over to her guests.  She provides an immaculate location where they can truly rest and relax.  Some of her stories that show this feeling are guests providing a ride to the airport for her parents and taking her and her husband out to dinner.  The beautiful Arroyo Vista Inn is a gem that is nestled above the Arroyo Seco that flows through Pasadena, one that is Leading LA.  Thank you Pat!

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