From CSI to CSLA (City Sip LA), Nicole is Sharing What She Loves

Keeping up with the pace of Los Angeles is a talent in and of itself.  It is a city that views creativity as a birthright, is immensely vast, decidedly impractical and equally messy and marvelous all at once.  Becoming a master of this guise consumes your entire day.  Nicole, the founder of City Sip LA, was given a new responsibility based out of Canada.  Because she was able to work out of LA, she was given freedom she was not aware of that she needed.

Life will present itself in mysterious ways.  Nicole was in full stride with a career that fits Los Angeles beautifully, associate producer for CSI.  How could things get any better?  Well, one day things did take a turn, and they took a turn that was unexpected.  She was derailed from her career into a position that was helping create a board game based on what she was an expert in, CSI.  Although she was a little hesitant at first, it seemed like a great fit because of her content knowledge of CSI over the last seven years .

Passion of what you love comes out into the open when you least expect it.  With the new found free time, Nicole immediately placed herself into sommelier courses.  The required homework is what eventually brought City Sip LA to Los Angeles.  About once a week, Nicole would put together wine tasting “homework” parties.  She was consumed by the enthusiasm and number of questions that were being thrown her way.  She was more than just learning by reading, she was learning by doing; and doing very well.  Nicole passed her first year of the sommelier courses with ease.

The popularity of her tasting parties grew very quickly and extended to friends of friends, and even further to friends of friends of friends.  Things grew hectic to say the least.  In order to manage her schedule, Nicole put together a little website called  This website is what branded Nicole and gave her following a place to go for all the information.  After about a year, Nicole decided to congratulate City Sip LA open its very own venue.  Echo Park did not know this, but they were very lucky to have Nicole venture into opening City Sip LA.  Suddenly there was an atmosphere that meshed great wine and an open atmosphere in a place that was starving for it.  This ambiance grew out onto Sunset Blvd. that invited others to open similar businesses.  When you walk by City Sip LA, you’ll know what I am talking about.  And remember to drop in give a Nicole a little thank you, she deserves it.

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