A Fresh Breath of Tango at Oxygen in Marina Del Rey

By Rose Bloomfield

So You Think You Can Dance? Or- maybe you don’t.  But, maybe you want to. Or maybe you could use a little more beauty and rhythm in your life. If any of this is true, you’re not alone. Whether it’s sensuous details or simple structure that calls to you for physical practice, I have found just the place.  We know it takes two, but where would you go to actually learn to tango? My answer:  Oxygen Tango studio and here’s why–

Mitra and Stefan, the founders and runners of O2 (for short), are vigorously building their dream of a legitimate, true to culture, Tango school; doing so with the help and input of both students and (work-trade) staff.  While O2 is leading the way for individual learning it is also a pioneering model for a community-based business.  Hence, Oxygen offers its students a fresh breath of air in more ways than the name.

If you’re green conscious you’ll love that O2 is among those special small businesses invested in a global initiative toward sustainability― Leading LA loves this!  As a dance community, through tango social gatherings, they have funded the planting of over 9,000 trees in the last 3 years!

O2 brings the LA community a genuinely unique tango niche; merging dancers from both sides of the 405 to learn, practice and perfect their art with a common passion for dance and excellence.  Offering classes 5 nights a week, from beginning to advanced, a Thursday night practica, plus a monthly Saturday milonga (a formal tango social), O2 is a fully stocked tango home.

Don’t let the neon-green walls fool you. Or the colorful, childlike splashes of art lead you to think this place means anything less than serious tango-business.  The caliber of instruction is top notch and will meet you where you are.  If you want a challenge, try the advanced partner and technique classes with champion dancers/instructors Brian and Yuliana– who took 3rd in The Tango World Championships in Buenos Aires this summer, 2011.

For those of you that have not been sufficiently exposed to the electrifying experience of tango, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Tango is the one dance I have found to be closest to meditation, mixing martial artistry and flawless beauty with music.  Think ninja-ballerinas.  Elegance, grace, sensuality, (and exactitude) are not cliché words used without grounds.  These are tried and true, built-in elements of the movement and universe of Tango.

Proven to reduce stress and refocus energy, tango is a way of life. You can take your first steps at Oxygen and begin your own tango journey, or actualize your dream as LA’s newest tango-aficionado; and make friends doing it.  If you are one of the too many feeling lonely or spark-less in LA, I have a suggestion: tango. It could be what you never knew you always needed!

“Tango at Oxygen is a practice of self awareness; we take responsibility for our practice; we transform in ways that deepen our relationship with ourselves, our partners, our community, and the earth. (Oxygen Mission Statement)”

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2 Responses to A Fresh Breath of Tango at Oxygen in Marina Del Rey

  1. Mai says:

    What a fabulous article! Definitely inspires me to go to oxygen!

  2. Tittu says:

    Well written article about Argentine tango, and one of my favorite Tango schools in LA. Enjoyed reading it.

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