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Bolívar Cafe and Gallery

The greater LA area is saturated with bland, corporate cafes which are steadily but surely crowding out any sign of venues with eccentricity. And yet hope remains! The Cafe Bolivar is about as far from the blandness of corporate coffee … Continue reading

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88 Chinese & Sushi in West Hollywood pairs new with old quality taste

I love sushi, but I only eat it rarely because good sushi is an expensive meal. I also love Chinese food, which I eat all the time because it’s not. Sam Wu understood the frustration of people like me 8 … Continue reading

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Tiato in Santa Monica brings a serene location to meaningful food

I followed Mike to Tiato. Like a dog. I was tired, and hungry- but I was also energized. I had just finished a meeting, and felt like an operator. I knew where Tiato was, though- I subconsciously followed the route … Continue reading

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Tell your friends: Solar de Cahuenga in Hollywood can result in tea death

Solar de Cahuenga in Hollywood is a very inviting place to spend a Sunday afternoon. I should know, I just did. In fact, I’m sitting in it right now, as I write this article. Despite their perpetually maxed earbuds, my … Continue reading

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Black Banditz does everything your mama doesn’t on Melrose in Hollywood

On the surface, Black Banditz is a salon and tattoo parlor. Under the surface, it’s a rotating art gallery, music venue, clothes shop, taxidermy exhibit and museum of oddities. If you need color in your epidermis, mount the salon block. … Continue reading

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Very Important Pet raises pet health consciousness in Beverly Hills

Very Important Pet acknowledges the fact that dogs evolved with a certain diet, and that simply because corn becomes the cheapest food product in America doesn’t mean that those thousands of years of evolutionary molding are conveniently undone. That’s why … Continue reading

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Rose Cafe & Market is a sweet place to cool your head in Venice

Probably the only cafe in the area that isn’t hotter inside than it is outside(when it’s already too hot outside), Rose Cafe & Market features stratospherically high ceilings and cool stone walls, with the tables and chairs spaced far enough … Continue reading

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Vardo cafe gives us a touch of the sublime in Venice

by David Stavis When I first walked by Vardo, I was astounded. How could I not have noticed such a gorgeous cafe on Main Street?! With vines crawling up every structure, flowering furniture, and gypsy aesthetic, Vardo is such a … Continue reading

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Zelda’s Corner Deli serves up a hot treat in Venice

It was just suppose to be a quick stroll down Venice boardwalk on my morning walk for a cup of coffee when the smell of cinnamon triggered my spidey senses (unfortunately, my gift is limited only to recognizing simple appetizing … Continue reading

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Sugarfish delights sushi-loving mouths in Marina Del Rey(and five other locations)

by Mackenzie G Becket Everyone claims to know the best sushi spot in Los Angeles. Whether they choose to brag about the quality of the fish, the style of the rolls, or the venue itself, they’re usually wrong. Sugarfish of … Continue reading

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