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Pampered Tot, New and Exciting Just Like the Babies They Serve

Transforming challenges into opportunities is exactly what Pampered Tot is all about.  Greg and his wife Audrey were preparing to welcome their first child.  Like all loving parents, they want nothing but the best for their kids.  That is why … Continue reading

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Pasadena’s Hidden Gem, The Arroyo Vista Inn

In 2006, Pat, the founder of the Arroyo Vista Inn, came to a crossroads in her life.  Fortunately, she followed her heart’s desires and ended a 20-plus year career at a law firm.  She then began meticulously searching for the … Continue reading

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The Night is Yours at One Night Affair!

by Sara Laterneau You don’t need $10,000 to buy a dress that you’ll wear just once. At One Night Affair, you can get into a variety of evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and even wedding gowns for the one evening you … Continue reading

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Your Neighborhood Studio makes Dance hip in Culver City

When I entered Your Neighborhood Studio (YNS) in Culver City for the first time, I admit, I was nervous.  I hadn’t taken a dance class in years and I’d only taken three total over the course of my lifetime.  That … Continue reading

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Collaboration is the name of the game!

Many of us aspire to do great things in our community and world. But where do we start? We asked you, our readers, for advice on one place anyone could go that had a unique, collaborative, community that produced real … Continue reading

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Olvera Street

Olvera street is the oldest street in Los Angeles, founded in 1781, and still the site of much of Los Angeles’ culture and history. It has been neglected and restored many times, and through it all, it has remained a … Continue reading

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A Fresh Breath of Tango at Oxygen in Marina Del Rey

By Rose Bloomfield So You Think You Can Dance? Or- maybe you don’t.  But, maybe you want to. Or maybe you could use a little more beauty and rhythm in your life. If any of this is true, you’re not … Continue reading

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Keith Ferrazzi – He’s Definitely Got Your Back

Every decade or so we hear about a new way of thinking that changes everything about the way we understand our world. In the 90′s, it was Google. In the 2000′s it was Facebook. Well, in the 2010′s, it’s Keith … Continue reading

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Taka Hair Salon awarded #1 Japanese Thermal Straightening Salon in Los Angeles by Yuko System, Inventor of Japanese Thermal Straightening

If you’re thinking about straightening your hair, we highly recommend you to visit Los Angeles’ Taka Hair Salon in West LA because they are definitely the best at hair straightening! Taka Hair Salon has many years of experience with Japanese … Continue reading

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LA Artwalk

Downtown LA has too many art galleries. No one has enough time on their hands to view all the art that the center of Los Angeles has to offer! Or so it seems… There is a way to experience all … Continue reading

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