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Ageless Greatness – Barney’s Beanery

Since 1920, Barney’s Beanery has been serving the city of Los Angeles, and they have definitely become better with age. The founder, Anthony Barney, began selling chili (with beans) to the masses, hence the name, Barney’s Beanery. After the great … Continue reading

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Swining and Dining: A Night at Cochon 555

Crispy pigs ears, offally good pate, headcheese heroes, chile verde tacos, smoked pork belly and German chocolate bacon cake comprised Chef Ben Ford’s winning combination at last Sunday’s Cochon 555 event at the House of Blues. Ben Ford of Ford’s … Continue reading

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La Botte, A Restaurant In A Wine Barrel

When you walk down the steps and enter Stefano’s Italian restaurant, La Botte, in downtown Santa Monica, you feel like you have just walked into a wine barrel.  He created the touch, the feel, the smell, the sensation by decorating … Continue reading

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LA’s Inaugural Gastropub, Ford’s Filling Station

Benjamin and Emily Ford are true entrepreneurs.  Venturing onto the streets of Culver City in 2006 required considerable initiative and risk.  The city was in need of repair along with reclamation of its reputation.  Coupling with the beat down location … Continue reading

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Meet Mollie, One of the Founders of Kind Kreme

Opening your own business has a lot of risk and unknown challenges.  Within the first month, Mollie and Mimi had to deal with things that were never imagined.  Some were caused by issues as simple as its name.  Originally, Kind … Continue reading

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Lawyer Goes “Barista”!!

by Thomas James Unique character inside Demitasse Cafe’ has been built consistent within the world that we live in today.  Information and change are moving at amazing speeds.  Bobby is one of us, and he is easily bored.  To conquer … Continue reading

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Kind Kreme

Ever think of suggesting an outing to your vegan friends that involves ice cream?  The immediate majority response is “no”.  But to some it is not only an option, it is a joyous event!   This is thanks to the founders … Continue reading

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A Random Walk to an Incredible Coffee Shop!

Seeking a local coffee boutique that holds unique character, an ambiance of open conversation, and of course, damn good coffee! is a challenging task. While walking along San Pedro Street last Friday night, Demitasse jumped out in the corner of … Continue reading

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Salades de Provence gets real French in West Hollywood

I feel really comfortable at Salades de Provence. Everything is clean, everything is pretty, and everything tastes good. Better than American good, because it tastes French good and food is better in France. The waiter’s authentic french accent. The authentic … Continue reading

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Olvera Street

Olvera street is the oldest street in Los Angeles, founded in 1781, and still the site of much of Los Angeles’ culture and history. It has been neglected and restored many times, and through it all, it has remained a … Continue reading

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